Viridis Iuris is a dynamic, young and creative company at the fore of the advances and trends in ecological values, social responsibility, sustainable economy. Adapted to all angles related to people’s way of life.


A multidisciplinary company, with wide experience and an ability for innovation, dedicated to providing legal services and products, we are professionals in consultancy, advice and the development of all types of projects relating to the environment. We rely on a multidisciplinary team of biologists, lawyers, engineers and architects etc. We have special knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility, subsidy management, etc., regarding environmental cases, which allows us to resolve any necessity or eventuality.


Not only do we provide legal services but also in order to make a real change in society we are available to our clients to offer them products that provide an added value to their lives (modus vivendi and modus operandi).


We cite several famous phrases that inspire our practice:


  • “Animals are from God. Brutality is human.” Victor Hugo.
  • “Every action that causes the unnecessary death of an animal, is cruel which is a crime against life.” Universal Declaration of the United Nations.
  • “All things of creation are Sons of the Father and brothers of man. God wants us to help the animals if they need our help. Every creature in misfortune has the same right to be protected.” Saint Francis of Assisi.


Constant movement and training in the latest key points to reach our goals. Goals that are not only linked to the business side of things, as we are also committed to society on a level of economies that generate an opportunity for the Life around us.


We consider that Life is the great value that we possess. We have a great responsibility to protect it and learn how to manage its necessary resources. For the evolution of human society.


Merit. We constantly strive to improve the language of communication to ensure our work is carried out well.


Efficiency and force. We make every effort necessary to fulfil our commitment, forming alliances with multidisciplinary teams to achieve better results. In response to the confidence placed in our firm.


Honesty. The other values would not make sense if we did not act with honesty. Our actions are subject to a code of conduct and professional ethics. Therefore, we are accountable for our actions.


Respect and diversity. Benefitting our clients, we value plurality of ideas, different points of view, cultural wealth, respecting opinions and integrating them as an added value to productivity.


Unity. We praise working together, solidarity, altruism, sporting values and the sense of belonging to a team of professionals.