We offer advice on issues relating to financial, criminal and administrative offences for the violation of laws protecting natural resources, flora and fauna, urban planning and historical heritage.


The services that we offer range from waste disposal, waste management, earth and water contamination, polluting emissions into the atmosphere, health and safety, to noise and light pollution and climate change. We are experts in advice on the development of large projects within the energy sector and on environmental issues specific to Water Laws.


In view of the legal services we offer, we must keep in mind that we work with branches of administrative law, civil law, criminal law and commercial law, given the relationship that exists between owners of urban or rural premises and publicly owned land etc. Therefore it is necessary to group these within the needs of our clients in private and public law.


Among the specific services we highlight:

  • Renewable energies: Restructuring of businesses, globalisation of investments, transmission of renewable energy production plants, property shares against state administration.
  • Emissions into the atmosphere and noise control: we provide advice on legal proceedings and disputes relating to emissions into the atmosphere or noise and light pollution.
  • Water management: We provide advice on all questions relating to the law on water and sewage. As is the case in: project development, joint ventures, the acquisition of desalination plants and water treatment stations, the allocation of public water supply contracts, disciplinary proceedings, administrative laws, etc.
  • Earth, water, noise and light pollution: We advise on administrative, civil and legal procedures.
  • Waste and recycling: Advice in liability cases for generating companies and waste management and recycling companies, waste treatment and transportation companies, etc.
  • Protected natural areas. Advice on questions and regulatory procedures derived from violations etc., relating to activities carried out in protected natural areas.
  • Coaching: We will help you to manage your time more efficiently. To reduce stress and aggravation. To create a balance in your life. To become more productive, step by step to Olympic level performance. To organise your volume of work in order to enjoy this productivity. To improve work relations. To reduce internal conflicts by becoming more productive with partners, collaborators and personnel. To establish objectives and a plan of action to carry them out.